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Silence is golden.

Development discontinued.
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Thunderbird Addon: IMAP Draft Unread!

IMAP Draft Unread

Are you using Thunderbird with an IMAP account? Are you tired to received new mail notifications for the drafts you're writing?
You're not the only one, see those three bugs report.
I also was tired of this notifications, so I wrote this addon.

How does it work?
After installing, the unread drafts are not highlighted as new mail, so no more notifications!
In the addon preference window you can also choose to set as read all the drafts you wrote.
It's up to you to choose you preferred behaviour.

Support this addon!
Are you using this addon in your Thunderbird?
Consider to support the development making a small donation. Click here!

Download it from the Mozilla add-on site.
This addon is also opensource: get its code from github.

To send a bug report use github.

Future improvements?
Check the issue tracker.

Thanks to BabelZilla for the translation support.
Image courtesy of "Iconshock".