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Silence is golden.

Development discontinued.
More info here

Thunderbird Addon: ColumnsWizard!

With this addon you can add some magic to the messages list columns!

  • Add a custom column directly from the addon preference window to show any mail header you want.
  • Set the default columns settings for any new folder.
  • Show hidden columns in the Conversation Tab.
  • Edit a mail header value for a single message.

How does it work?
After installing, open the addon preference panel to:

  • Show or add custom columns.
  • Set which column show in a new folder, and choose how to sort the messages in the folder.
  • Choose which columns you want to always see in the Conversation Tab.


Support this addon!
Are you using this addon in your Thunderbird?
Consider to support the development making a small donation. Click here!

Download it from the Mozilla add-on site.
This addon is also opensource: get its code from github.

To send a bug report use github.

Future improvements?
Check the issue tracker.

Thanks to…
Christopher Leidigh, for working hard on the Thunderbird 60+ compatibility.
Axel Grude, developer of QuickFolders addon, for his help in testing and brainstorming new features.

Thanks to BabelZilla for the translation support.
Icon courtesy of “Oxygen Team“.