La forza del lavoro è nelle persone

 Morale della favola: lasciate che le persone usino il cervello per aiutare i clienti, sono mille volte meglio delle procedure automatizzate e dei messaggi precotti che avete costruito per difendervi. 

Alessandra Farabegoli

Who is your business for?

 Every business decision you make should be prefaced with the question. Who is this for? If you’re doing something to please investors or board members, your suppliers or partners, customers or staff, make sure your decision pleases the right people. 

Bernardette Jiwa

What’s The Formula

Working with a formula that everyone else can follow might allay your fears, but it won’t give you an advantage.
The thing that’s scarce is what people are looking for and you won’t find that in the manual. 

 Bernardette Jiwa