These are the side projects I’m enjoying or I enjoyed in the past.


» Thunderbird Add-ons
To improve my heavy daily user experience in Thunderbird, I developed some add-ons that implement small, but necessary features.

» WP 500px jsGallery – WordPress Plugin
A plugin for the WordPress blogging platform you could use to show your photo gallery from 500px.
See it in action!

(… or ideas, but hard, really hard…)

» Evinrude
A lightweight, but powerful, CMS, written in PHP, using CodeIgniter.
Try the demo:

(closed projects or no more directly involved in)

A quotations’ archive, started in 1997, which contains thousands of sentences.
Read the long story of this project (in italian).

» CommentBack
The idea came from the experience of ZicZac. Users complained that comments to their articles are moved from their blog to our website.
In general, it was the year 2009, given the growing success of social networks that allow you to share and comment wherever the most interesting content considered, the complain was common.
CommentBack is a protocol that allows you to “give back” the comments to the original content source, allowing a centralized way of aggregating all the discussions.
Announcement of the project end (in Italian).

» Elenbar
An innovative online role playing game (whose glories of the past would be rediscovered).
Andrea Cannio, one of the components of Staff, wrote an excellent article (in Italian) outlining what was Elenbar and which were the difficulties we encountered.
The article is also available in PDF format.
Find out how the game was in all its glory (in Italian).

» Open Sitemap Generator
A simple open source software written in C#, which generates a sitemap by scanning a website.

» Simply Engineering
Originally created to delivery shareware software (SEBackup), now released as freeware, it had been turned into a blog about technology.
The main language was Italian, but there were also some English articles.
SE Backup is still listed as one of the best free backup software for Windows.

» ZicZac
ZicZac is a news aggregator.
Each user can publish a link and a brief description of an article he wrote on his blog / website or found on the internet.
The links and descriptions are published in ZicZac and brought to the attention of other users who can read, rate and comment.
All the users’ actions are used to calculate the popularity of the content to dynamically compose the first ZicZac page.
The first page is then made up of the most popular items of the moment.
The site has been active since the end of 2007.
In the summer of 2009 several newspapers, in their web editions, wrote about the project (in Italian).
Read my posts about ZicZac (in italian).